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A shooter with beautiful graphics, different game modes, various types of weapons and large maps. 

A multi-platform shooter that will pull even a calculator.

Join our discord channel, where you can see all the latest news about the game.

Soon the game will be released on demo and on android.


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.10 $0.00 USD or more

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win.rar 755 MB
linux.rar 791 MB
mac.rar 768 MB


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Can't link game to account

The graphics are not that great. There are no players or even servers to join. Would not recommend. Play CS:GO instead!

Thank you, be sure to try part 3 of the game, our games are being actively developed and will soon be released on Steam

Comment joué en local a plusieurs ?


Just played the game but there are no other players

looks cool but no players online, I hope the bots come out soon and work well!

in 3 parts of the game there will be bots, improved graphics and optimization and new features

legit cant wait

Trailer looks really good!
Currently no game time available, but will definitly look into it! :D


Not players, not servers... Not game...

I know, I plan to add bots in 3 parts